Lower Mill Estate is built around a large and diverse nature reserve supporting a range of wonderful habitats and wildlife. 


Over 25 species of waterbirds can be seen on the lakes over Winter. Spring brings a huge range of breeding birds including Nightingale, Cuckoo and Cetti’s Warbler. House Martins arrive in April after an incredible journey from Africa and can be seen nesting on the houses.

Keen eyes may spot our resident beavers and otters, or catch them on the live feed from our motion-activated cameras. 

Recently, migrating ospreys have been spotted in the skies overhead – with luck, they may one day nest in the grounds.


Lower Mill’s scenic lakes provide plenty of opportunity for boating and fishing, while cyclists and runners can take advantage of the fresh, clean air in complete safety thanks to a network of private footpaths. Whether by foot, bike or water, adventure awaits in this stunning part of rural England.

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