Silverlake is a stunning residential nature reserve which is home to a diverse collection of wildlife and beautiful, wild habitats.


From tiny dormice to noble Sika deer, we feel lucky to share our wonderful estate with a family of creatures, great and small.

Over 144 bird species have now been recorded at Silverlake. In summer, birds such as Sand Martins and Swifts flock to Silverlake from Africa and set-up homes across the site in natural features and in the special nesting boxes we provide. In winter, we welcome flocks of Lapwing, Gulls and water birds such as Wigeon.

A variety of native birds including Woodlark, Nightjar and Barn owl are also to be found at Silverlake. Over autumn and winter, you may well spot a magnificent Starling murmuration where they perform their graceful dance in the sky!


Our scenic lakes provide a home for a host of water animals and insects. Otters are some of our most popular residents in the waterbodies around Wakeling Island. Mute swans float serenely across the water and in spring you may see them with their eager cygnets. Stunning Dragon and Damselflies fill the lakeside air with a gentle hum and if you’re lucky, one of our rare butterflies, such as the Silver-studded blue, may well flutter past.

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