Discover the thrill of paddleboarding in Dorset


Dorset is a fantastic paddleboarding location with beautiful cliffside scenery, winding rivers and sandy beaches to launch your SUPs. So, no wonder so many people travel to this stunning county each year to holiday and want to explore the coast on the water.

The Silverlake Estate is the perfect place to improve your paddleboarding skills. The sheltered lakes make it easy to take your first paddle strokes, and the convenience of launching your board from the bottom of your is unbeatable.

Stretching along the UK’s south coast, the remarkable Jurassic coastline spans 96 miles, showcasing internationally acclaimed beaches, secluded coves and captivating bays. Among these treasures is the enchanting Lulworth Cove a mere 15-minute drive from the Estate. Picture yourself gliding across crystal-clear waters, surrounded by stunning cliffs and dramatic natural beauty.

If you want to explore the area, simply hire your board as usual from the Activity Hub and then drop us an email at to let us know your off-site plans. We'll ensure that your board is deflated and ready to transport. We will also provide you with a paddleboarding guide which includes essential safety instructions for coastal paddleboarding in Dorset. With our help and advice, you can navigate the coast with confidence, ensuring a safe and memorable adventure.  

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