Fliteboarding is a fun and exciting way to experience the thrill of riding on the water, and it's quickly becoming one of the most popular water sports around the world.


The Activity Hub are excited to announce that they are teaming up with the UK's first registered flight school to bring this unique and groundbreaking Water Sports challenge in the nearby seaside town of Portland.

Fliteboards are the latest and greatest in the world of foiling water sports and feature an electric motor that can generate speeds of up to 26 knots!   

The team at the OTC are specially trained in delivering an exhilarating yet accessible experience on the water and the sessions can be tailored around an individual's water sports experience so don’t feel intimidated if you have never tried anything similar before, not many people have.

Prices start at £199.00 for a 2-hour session on the water.

Please note: this is an off-site activity and guests must arrange their own transport to and from Portland.

Activity Details
Available At
April - November


From £199.00 for a 2-hour session

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